“In venturing beyond her own lyricized experience, Kirkpatrick discovers a transpersonal self that as a citizen of poetry speaks with a vulnerable but strong feminine voice to both women and men, in a universal human language filled with pathos, hope, political exigency, self-accountability, tenderness, tough-mindedness, and a “cold eye” that witnesses poignantly to . . . the grief of our time and place.”    Chard deNiord


Kathyrn Kirkpatrick



Winner of the North Carolina Poetry Society’s Brockman-Campbell Award

Her Small Hands Were Not Beautiful by Kathryn Kirkpatrick

“In Her Small Hands Were Not Beautiful, Kathryn Kirkpatrick relies on impeccable research and a keen insight into the intricacies of form to enliven figures as engaging as William Butler Yeats, the Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne, and Queen Maeve. Especially laudatory is the author’s typographical arrangement in the artistic rendering of Maud Gonne whose personality comes to live through the dramatic rendering of voices, fine-tuned and sculpted from snippets of unpublished interviews. Kirkpatrick possesses the mental acumen to pace this perceptive poem so that it skillfully illuminated Gonne’s traits as viewed by family, friends, and others. Throughout the book, the author enthralls the reader with well-honed gems that sing her familiar connections to Ireland while revealing a masterful command of language.”
Judge’s Citation, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda


Animals in Irish Literature and Culture cover

“This is a fascinating and wide-ranging collection of essays that contributes strongly to the field of literary animal studies. It is one of those rare collections that combines historical with theoretical acumen. It is a particular joy to see Irish poetry treated with such reverence and sophistication in essay after essay.”
-Dr. Chris Danta, Senior Lecturer in English, University of New South Wales, Australia